About Us

Upstate Engineering Pakistan is a leading engineering firm that specializes in the design and fabrication of steel structures, civil and steel construction, and project management. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are well-versed in providing turnkey solutions for a variety of industries including Food Processing, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Poultry, Cold Storage, Housing, Armed Forces, Chipboard Plant, Sugar Industry across Pakistan.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients through our dedicated and experienced team. As a professional manufacturer of prefabricated structures, pre-engineered buildings, modular spaces, skylights, fiberglass shades, and EPS sandwich panels, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

Our team is committed to delivering the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we have developed strong relationships with our clients. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced engineering firm, contact Upstate Engineering Pakistan today.

Upstate Engineering Pakistan Work Detail:

We have a fully staffed and equipped Mechanical & Steel Fabrication Division that is capable of handling any project. Our team of experts includes engineers, welders, fabricators, machinists, and other technicians who are dedicated and highly skilled in their respective fields. Our team is organized and works collaboratively from the conception of a project to its design, and from design to finished product. We have a proven track record of completing numerous projects and have many satisfied clients.

We offer a range of custom fabrication services to meet the needs of various construction projects. Our “One-Stop Fab Shop” provides the following services:

  • Fabrication of steel structures
  • Galvanizing of structures
  • Assembling and plates forming
  • Coatings for structural purposes
  • Sandblasting and painting of surfaces
  • Detailing of structural steel
  • Production of fiberglass sheets

Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services and products that meet the specific needs of each project. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced fabrication partner, please contact Upstate Engineering Pakistan today.

Fiberglass Fabrication:

Upstate Engineering Pakistan is a professional company that has been serving the FRP and GRP Fiberglass industries in Pakistan for over a decade. We specialize in the manufacturing of a wide range of fiberglass products including Fiberglass Art and Statues, Wall Murals, Security Guard Rooms, Fiberglass Ducts, Fiberglass Sheds and Skylights, Fiberglass Roofing Shades, Delivery Boxes, Fiberglass Boats, Fiberglass Doors, FRP Grating, Fiberglass Storage Tanks, Fiberglass Sheets, and Corrugated products.

Our company is equipped with a well-established infrastructure unit that enables us to manufacture high-quality products at a reasonable price. We understand the importance of meeting the client’s needs and we make sure that our products are delivered within the promised timeframe and at competitive rates.

Our Mission

Upstate Engineering Pakistan, our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality, durable solutions by utilizing the latest technological tools available. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our clients always get their money’s worth.

Our Vision

Our experts are passionate about what they do and the organization. We strive to be leaders in the industry in terms of value creation for our associates, clients, and professionals. Our passion for excellence is evident to anyone who has worked with us for any length of time.

Core Values

Quality, Honesty, Professional Commitment, and Hard Work are the foundation of Upstate Engineering Pakistan. Building long-term relationships with our customers is at the core of our approach, which is based on our commitment to deliverables such as Quality, Timely Completion, Safety, and Professionalism. Our dedicated team of professionals is a valuable asset to the company and plays a crucial role in the success of our projects. We are committed to promoting an ethical, open, honest, and respectful work environment by fostering professional ethics, appropriate communication, dedication, honesty, and integrity.